Does Cryptocurrency And Blockchain Lack Enough Diversity?

Does Cryptocurrency And Blockchain Lack Enough Diversity?

Many entrepreneurs are interested in Bitcoin, but they are held back because they think cryptocurrency lacks enough diversity.

– The lack of diversity in cryptocurrency bitcoin market makes interested entrepreneurs hesitant.
– Apparently, for them, blockchain and cryptocurrency need more diversity before they start investing in it.
– The fear that the lack of diversity will eventually lead to cryptocurrency and blockchain downfall.

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During the Propelify Technology And Music Conference held in Hoboken, columnist Michael Hellmeyer was able to interview a lot of entrepreneurs who are interested in cryptocurrency digital trading.

Majority of them complained about the monotonous nature of the trading market. According to the interview, this is the only concern that makes them hesitant in putting their money in cryptocurrency.

One entrepreneur said that with no diversity, the chances of falling to zero for a digital trading market is very high.

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