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How’s the Cryptocurrency Status at the Bank of Valletta?

The chairman of the Bank of Valleta (BOV) assures investors that they are dealing with the challenges and successes of 2017.

– Bank of Valleta the oldest financial bank in Malta.
– Malta is a small country, which is predicted to become the center for cryptocurrency digital market.
– November 2017 was a very challenging year for the BOV since the cryptocurrency migrated their assets in Malta.

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The chairman of the Bank of Valleta, Deo Scerri, assures all investors that they are doing their best to accommodate and fix all the challenges that they encountered the previous year. November 2017 was a time when cryptocurrency turned their attention to Malta and made the tiny country a cryptocurrency center.

It was November last year when the bank unexpectedly blocked all accounts holders from doing any transactions, which resulted in the frustration of its member. Right now, they are managing the problems and continuing with the development.

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