Cyptocurrency Addiction Is REAL!

Cyptocurrency Addiction Is REAL!

Is cryptocurrency really addictive?

– Studies claim that the newest online trading platform, cryptocurrency, is highly addictive.
– A hospital creates a rehabilitation center for these so-called cryptocurrency ‘addicts’.
– The cause of addiction, according to experts, is usually on the fluctuation of prices online.

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An “addict”, defined by definition, is an enthusiastic devotee of a specified thing or activity. The newest online trading, cryptocurrency market, may be causing a lot of businessmen to get addicted to its processes and systems.

According to experts, the main reason for the said addiction is that constant fluctuation of the prices, and the uncertainty that the market has. The volatility of their investment and the inconsistent market value makes it all so thrilling.

With this rising problem, Castle Craig Hospital has opened a rehabilitation program for people who might be suffering or who are feeling the tension of having some addiction with cryptocurrency.

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