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Cryptocurrency… Same Fate As Cincinnati Time Store?

Nobel Award winner economist Robert Shiller Warns everyone about the fate of cryptocurrency.

– Cryptocurrency may be the new form of Cincinnati Time Store.
– Robert Shiller is well-known for his accurate predictions and warnings on dot-com and house bubbles.
-Cincinnati Time Store became popular in the 1800s.

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Could it be that cryptocurrency is just history repeating itself?

In the 1800s, Cincinnati Time Store launched and it was a craze a lot of people accepted, just as people are accepting and engaging into cryptocurrency these days. The downfall of the “time money” back in the old days could be the same fate that cryptocurrency will have in the near future.

This is how Nobel Prize awardee in Economics, Robert Shiller, has been warning everyone. In the past, Shiller has been known to remarkable predict with high accuracy the incoming failure of the dot-com and housing bubbles.

According to him, this new cryptocurrency could be the same case or the newer version efforts to revolutionize the money system, which is bound to fail one way or another – just like its predecessor.

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