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Bankers Flee Sinking Ship To Cryptocurrency?

Markets are down. Is Bitcoin a screaming buy? There is no institutional presence in Bitcoin. BitMEX says $50K BTC by end of 2018. Coinbase target $10 Bln of Institutional Investors. Germany’s second largest stock exchange launches crypto trading of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. .

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Will Bitcoin Go Up To $50’000?

Will big money flow into cryptocurrency soon?    

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What Is Happening To Bitcoin Right Now?

Why aren’t we seeing huge gains from the consensus?      

2018-05-17 0

Crypto Currencies Accepted By The State?

More and more counties and states are adopting the crypto world, Seminole county Florida will now accept bitcoin for tax payments. Subprime auto loan delinquencies surge. Retail sales growth slows, more stores are going to feel the pain. Argentina is collapsing, the central banks will help put the country into further debt as long as…
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