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California Will Soon Be Composed Of 3 “Sub”-States?

I’m sure you aren’t sure if you read the title correctly, but you did.

– A multi-billionaire is targeting to split California into California into three states.
– Tim Draper is a cryptocurrency billionaire.
– According to Draper, smaller states mean efficiency in governance.

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No one is really sure where the idea started, but a cryptocurrency multi-billionaire has decided that California is better off when it is divided into not just two, BUT THREE states!

Draper surely has a lot going on in his mind, and a lot of people are going against him in this radical idea of his.

His visions are backed up with concrete plans as to how to proceed with the division. He said a votation via ballot boxes will enable the people of California the power to decide if they want don’t want the idea of having being divided into three states.

If asked why, Draper would confidently give 5 of his reasons why the idea seemed logical for him.

Read the full details in this article by Polina Noskova and Cara Moffat – https://www.bloomberg.com/.