Can You Buy A House Using Cryptocurrency?

Can You Buy A House Using Cryptocurrency?

Is it even possible to buy a house using your cryptocurrency? Find out.

– A married couple wanted to sell their house, and are willing to take cryptocurrency as a mode of payment.
– Many of their lawyer and realtor friends were surprised by their decision.
– Cryptocurrency market and its assets are known to be volatile in nature.

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Selling a house is a huge decision to make for a married couple. It cannot happen in one sitting, and the decision has to be made mutually.

A couple recently listed their beautiful house, but not just a regular listing – in the terms and condition, they are allowing potential buyers to pay using cryptocurrency assets.

Many of their friends, some were lawyers and some were realtors, were surprised by their decision. They were curious what made them consider this possibility. The couple said that there were a lot of things that they considered first, of course before they finally made up their minds about the matter.

Read the full article here to know some of their tips for future sellers who want to consider accepting cryptocurrency as payment.