Cryptocurrency Investors Hold Protest In India

Scholarly Books Against Cryptocurrency Have Been Published And Distributed

The latest lessons that are found in the textbooks of our students are campaigns against cryptocurrency.

– Cryptocurrency detractors have found a way to campaign effectively against the digital marketing platform.
– Books have been printed and distributed in universities to educate about the possible risks of cryptocurrency tradings.
– Many government leaders have banned cryptocurrency market systems from infiltrating their country.

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Apparently, cryptocurrency is scaring a lot of people, that it has eventually caused these people to actually write a hard-printed book about its dangers.

The books have been in circulation, and it teaches young members of the society to stay away from the risky business of digital trading.

The primary teachers who spearhead this campaign, and who takes the initiative in teaching students this lesson, are non-profit organizations, whose main concern is to protect the youth against high the high risks involved in the volatility of assets in cryptocurrency market.

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