Blocktonic Teaming Up With Cryptocurrency?

Blocktonic Teaming Up With Cryptocurrency?

Blocktonic is an online business, and it is reported that they are allowing their clients to pay using CyberMiles.

– Blocktonic offers more than 100 electronic products.
– Their clients worldwide are given the opportunity to opt for settling their payments through CyberMiles Tokens (CMT).
– CyberMiles Tokens is a blockchain that can be used by anyone.

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On May 29, 2018, in Hong Kong, the CyberMiles created a new protocol design and this included optimizing their products for commercial uses. CMT is known to be a public blockchain, and they are one of the first online companies that support cryptocurrency.

At the beginning of their business, Blocktonic only allowed transactions on their website that was almost free of charge, since refunds are allowed over an extended time span, thanks to their cashback policy.

The company is very enthusiastic about the upcoming team-up. They are looking forward to the convenience it will bring their clients.

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