Bitcoin Prices Are Dropping?

What Will Bitcoin Trading Look Like In The Future?

Two words to describe what bitcoin trading will probably look like in the future: Intercontinental Exchange.

– Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) is the parent company of the New York Stock Exchange.
– ICE has an ongoing development of an online trading platform which will allow big-time investors to trade their bitcoins directly.
– Regulatory agencies are keeping a close watch over the movement of bitcoin firms.

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It was on the report of The New York Times and Bitcoin Magazine itself, that the parent company of New York Stock Exchange, ICE, will develop its own online trading platform. The said digital market will welcome hug investors to participate and use their bitcoins directly.

Goldman Sachs and ICE are large financial institutions that are known to continuously figure out ways to improve their cryptocurrency systems. These actions are, in general, aimed to avoid future complications.

As of writing, the CFTC is the known regulator to effectively control cryptocurrency and its policies.

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