How Far Has Bitcoin Come Since It Started?

How Far Has Bitcoin Come Since It Started?

Bitcoin currency has come a long way since it started with its first transaction eight years ago.

– The first Bitcoin transaction, happened eight years ago, was 2 pizza boxes for 10,000 coins.
– Today’s Bitcoin value is $8,200 per coin.
– Bitcoin Pizza Day happens every May 22, to commemorate how far Bitcoin has come so far.

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Eight years ago, on May 22, the first ever Bitcoin transaction took place. It was a purchase of two boxes of pizza for one bitcoin coin. This year, 2018, on its eighth anniversary, bitcoin has skyrocketed its value at $8,200 per coin; making it more than six hundred boxes of pizza for just one bitcoin!

Every May 22 is called the “Bitcoin Pizza Day”. It is a day to remind investors not to spend their bitcoins unnecessarily in pizza because you never know how much they would be worth in less than ten years’ time.

Today’s Bitcoin market totals to a whopping $82 million… that’s about 6.5 million pizza boxes if you want to know.

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