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What Are The Odds Of Bitcoin Falling To Zero?

A Vanguard economist declares that the chance of bitcoin falling to zero is fairly high.

– A senior member of Vanguard Group saw s good chance for bitcoin to fail.
– Joe Davis, the Vanguard economist, is a member of the $5tn investment house.
– Davis is not the first economist to be skeptic about bitcoin.

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MarketWatch reports that on his opinion-editorial, Joe Davis, a senior economist at Vanguard Group, just declared that he foresees a good chance that bitcoin currency will fall to a zero anytime soon.

During his editorial, Davis admits that many had asked his opinion regarding the digital currency. In his professional opinion, he wrote, there is a good chance that its price will eventually go down to zero.

Scary to hear, right? Especially if you are an investor.

The basis for his strong forecast is that accordingly, Bitcoin does not even meet the standards of a currency; although its creator and investors are keen to believe that it is. Davis adds that it is even a good mode of trading and doing the exchange of assets in the first place.

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