The 4 Best New Cryptocurrencies

The 4 Best New Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are the future of money. Their decentralized exchange mode allows them to work outside of banking institutions and government jurisdiction, making them a great choice for private and anonymous financial transactions.

These days, many internet users are opting to use cryptocurrencies as their prefered method of payment, avoiding regular currencies.

With that being said, here are the 4 best new cryptocurrencies on the market you should watch out for.


Officially launched in 2016, this cryptocurrency solves some of the problems Bitcoin has struggled with over the years.

It fully embraces the mantra of decentralization, enabling its owners to vote for specific plans and proposals regarding the Decred blockchain.

This unique approach allows the Decred community to fully participate in the feature creation for this currency. If you’re looking to invest in booming cryptocurrencies in 2018, Decred is one of the best ways to go.


Created back in 2016, it experienced a growth spurt that capped at $1 billion market value in less than a year.

Besides being a promising cryptocurrency, it is also a great technical coin, providing value to the blockchain developer platforms.

Similar to the protocol to Bitcoin, Stratis implements a customizable blockchain, which allows people to use the blockchain itself to resolve technical problems.

Stratis is a good choice long-term investors, as it is a relatively low volatile coin compared to other cryptocurrencies.


Unlike Stratis, Monero is as a traditional cryptocurrency as they go. It is created with the simple purpose to provide fast and anonymous financial transactions.

Monero is as untraceable and private as Bitcoin, as it obstructs all transactions details, including the IP addresses and amounts transferred.

Due to its privacy features, Monero has become a prefered currency on the dark web markets.

Though Monero doesn’t have a capped coin supply, there are only 15 million XMR in circulation, making it even rarer than the web’s most popular currency, Bitcoin.


NEO is one of the most established projects coming from the Asian market, and is already dubbed as ‘China’s Ethereum Killer’.

It is a rebranded version of a popular Chinese altcoin and has been around for less than a year. Despite this, NEO has already established itself across online payment platforms as a fast and reliable payment token.

Even with its massive popularity, NEO still has a low market value, with relatively few coins in circulation, making it a great choice to invest in.