What Are Cryptocurrency's Best Coins?

What Are Cryptocurrency’s Best Coins?

As of writing, there are two leading coins for the cryptocurrency market.

– In the past weeks, the digital trading market has been plunging.
– Of the six coins in the platform, the leading two are Bitcoin and Ethereum.
– Cryptocurrency digital market is currently experiencing a six-week low.

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Ethereum traders and investors have long been rooting for their coin to top the cryptocurrency industry. Although the competition is tough, ETH has high hopes and also has high potential.

For now, leading to a far gap is Bitcoin. To overtake it, ETH may need to do ride a skyrocket because the gaps are no joke and may not be that easy to overcome.

The ETH coins, however, have the strongest potential among all other coins. With Bitcoin leading and Ethereum coin following, these two are considered to be to top two coins in the cryptocurrency exchange platform.

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