The Continuous Decline Of Cryptocurrency

Why South African Investors Stand Firm With Cryptocurrency Amidst Bear Market?

In a stock market, hearing the term BEAR could be a scary scary thing.

– Many investors pull-out or get discouraged when their cryptocurrency holdings suddenly crash and dive.
– South African investors did not even bat an eye amidst cryptocurrency market’s bad start this year.
– A survey was conducted to find out the thoughts and plans of investors in South Africa.

Good To Know ➡️ Starting Investing In Cryptocurrency Today

The year 2018 started with a low market value for the cryptocurrency, and many investors have curled their tail in fear of losing so much money if they don’t pull-out soon.

However, this was not the same scenario for South African investors, who were reportedly not scared off by the bear market at all.

A survey showed that these South African investors were in fact still very much interested and are still planning to put their money on investing in the young market.

Adam James shares the official result of MyBroadband 2018 Cryptocurrency Survey, in this article-