NY Attorney General Interrogates Cryptocurrency Exchanges

NY Attorney General Interrogates Cryptocurrency Exchanges

The attorney general of New Year City looks into the cryptocurrency exchanges and interrogates how to entire process takes place.

– The interrogation aims to further protect cryptocurrency investors.
– Transparency in the movement of funds in the digital market is very important.
– As cryptocurrency market becomes more popular, more investors need to be protected to avoid fraud.

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The New York City attorney general’s office has been interrogating the cryptocurrency exchanges and how the entire system runs.

Aside from making thing more transparent, the attorney general also wants to make the digital market safer for current and future investors. Right now, New York City has become one of the fastest growing community in cryptocurrency trading.

The rising popularity of cryptocurrency community makes it all the more necessary for the Attorney General Eric Schneiderman to proceed with the interrogations. There were a total of 13 digital currency tradings that was requested to be disclosed.

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