Cryptocurrency Fights For Amendment of SEC Classification

Cryptocurrency Fights For Amendment of SEC Classification

Currently, a lot of the cryptocurrency markets are classified by the US-SEC as “ securities”, which makes them more likely to get questions when it comes to their regulations.

– Venture capitalists for cryptocurrency want to change the classification of cryptocurrency under SEC.
– They want to change it “ safe harbor” from “securities” to lighten the questions received regarding their company regulations.
– Maintaining the cryptocurrency classification of “securities” can cause the prices to decrease unexpectedly.

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Based on the United States Security and Exchange Commission, a business is classified as “securities” when its patrons are given the chance to make they money they get and gain income through assets, which are not in their physical form. Sure fits cryptocurrency business, right?

However, many crypto capitalists and entrepreneurs want the federal government agency to change that classification because they want to make sure that the scrutiny being thrown to the digital marketing platform is decreased.

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