A Criminal Probe Against Bitcoin?

A Criminal Probe Against Bitcoin?

The United States Department of Justice has recently launched the criminal probe against Bitcoin.

– The prices in Bitcoin are claimed to be manipulated.
– United States Department of Justice has been probing the veracity of this claim.
– Many people believe that this could be the start of Bitcoin downfall.

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A criminal probe has been launched by the Department Justice DOJ against Bitcoin’s supposed manipulation of its coin prices. The probe, many believe, could be a serious sign that things are not going so well for the virtual currency market.

The investigation, which came out first in Bloomberg’s report, is considered a good indication that the regulators and law officers are moving fast and forward with their fight against cryptocurrency scams and frauds.

One of the main concerns during the investigation was whether or not traders are doing their orders, but with no intention of filling them. This is commonly known as “spoofing”, in simple terms, selling and then buying the assets themselves and in a way manipulating the prices of the virtual currency.

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