Alarming!!! 24 Crytocurrency Investigation In UK

Alarming!!! 24 Crytocurrency Investigations In UK

United Kingdom finance regulators launches 24 new investigations on cryptocurrency.

– 24 new investigations were launched to ensure the safety of cryptocurrency transactions.
– The investigation is being spearheaded by the financial regulator of the United Kingdom.
– What could be its implication to the the cryptocurrency investors and their investments?

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The trading market watchdogs of United Kingdom, also known as the financial regulators of UK, recently announced that they launched 24 new investigations to speculate the cryptocurrency systems, and to make sure that there are no illegal actions happening.

As of now, the said investigations are confirmed by the FCA themselves, and this has been affecting how cryptocurrency business is operating in the United Kingdom.

According to the FCA, there are seven reliable informants who prompted the government agency to start with the investigation

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