Blockchain And Cryptocurrency

Blockchain And Cryptocurrency – What Do I Know About It?

Cryptocurrency has become a digital trend and is referred to as ‘’money of the future’’. -Cryptocurrency is the latest digital trend that uses blockchain to create a digital token – Bitcoin is the first and biggest cryptocurrency -Cryptocurrencies aim to make transactions faster Good To Know ➡️ What is an Altcoin? Different cryptocurrency companies have […]

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Cryptocurrency Critics Continue To Grow In Numbers

What is an Altcoin?

Though Bitcoin is by far the most popular cryptocurrency on the market, it is not the only one. There are hundreds, even thousands of alternative cryptocurrencies that all differ in type, purpose in value. These alternative cryptocurrencies are shortly called Altcoins. Currently the most popular amongst them are Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple. In principle, […]

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The Future of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

Too many of you are looking for short-term economic gains from blockchain and cryptocurrencies… If you really looked at things in a 5 – 20 year window, you’d understand that this is groundbreaking technology with the capability of disrupting governments aside from their nuclear powers.

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BlackRock Wants In On Cryptocurrency

Do you see the Blackrock getting into cryptocurrencies? Are you optimistic or bearish on markets? Feel free to leave a comment below! Thank you all so much for watching the video. If you enjoyed the video, please consider dropping a like and subscribing.

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Looking at the crypto currency markets for trading BTC and LTC etc. This market trading analysis applies to various exchanges, including Binance and Kucoin. The stream specifically focuses on if bitcoin is going up to 20k again in 2018 and if we will be seeing a crypto currency market recovery this year.

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